Fees and Charges

Below are some of the other fees that our brokerage partner charges. These will be passed to the user when a corresponding service is requested.

A typical user, intending to perform all investment activities digitally may not expect to use any of these services in the normal course of investing.

Transfer Charges

These are the fees associated with transferring your securities account or the securities to another broker or custodian.

ACAT Incoming:



$50.00 per Account

ACAT Out (Non–U.S.):

$100.00 per Account

DTC Deliveries/Receives:

$15.00 per position

DWAC Transfer:

$130.00 per position

DRS Transfer Incoming and Outgoing:

$130.00 per position

Miscellaneous Charges

Other charges that may occur if a wire-transfer fails, or if the user needs specific tax documents.

Returned Wire Transfer:

$25.00 per wire

Third Party Returned Wire Transfer (Note: DriveWealth does not accept Third- party wires):

$60.00 per domestic attempted third-party wire return $80.00 per international attempted third-party wire return

1099 Request for Exempt Accounts:

$50.00 per request

Physical copy of Trade confirmations:

$3.00 per confirmation

Physical copy of Monthly Account Statements:

$5.00 per statement

Pass-through fees

SEC fees and TAF fees, which are charged on a per trade basis by regulators and are usually passed on to customers, are absorbed by Globalise.

ADR Fee:

Varies by ADR (Please refer to the specific ADR prospectus for additional details)

Withdrawal / Administrative Request Charges

These are charges when a user wants to withdraw funds from the account. The beneficiary account must be held in the user’s name. The wire transfers are levied by the bank account of our partner broker, and we are working on eliminating these in near future.

ACH Transfer(outgoing):


Outgoing U.S. Wire Transfer:


Outgoing Non-U.S. Wire Transfer:


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