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Investors in India have been restricted to domestic assets since access to international investment accounts has been limited and expensive. Meanwhile, international companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Netflix are benefiting from global growth, and investors with global portfolios have achieved superior returns over the last decade.

How can the savvy Indian investor also participate in this growth story, diversify their portfolios into global assets, and build foreign currency holdings for their overseas financial requirements?

Enter Globalise. Built by a global team of professionals with deep industry experience. Globalise is a platform for you to build and manage your global wealth. We have leveraged our extensive experience and knowledge to deliver a fully digital, secure customer experience in compliance with the requisite regulatory frameworks. We are committed to simplifying the process of investing overseas and providing clients the global resources they need to be financially successful.

Globalise is now part of Kristal.AI, the fastest growing private-wealth platform of Asia. Together we are on a mission to bring the best global products and advisory within the reach of everyone. To know about Kristal click here

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